Pools & Spas

The pool pump is one of the most important items that you need to keep your swimming pool or spa healthy and sparkling clean. Your pump is the heart of the circulation system.
Pool pump
Pool pump

It pays to use a pump that is energy efficient, suited to Australia’s environmental conditions and climate and will do the job properly.

Aqua stock pumps from the leading manufacturers, including Onga-Pentair and Astral, for most applications:

  • Residential Pools
  • Commercial Pools
  • Combined Pool/Spa
  • Coldwater Spa
  • Hot Water Spa
  • Onsuite Spa

Solar Pool Pumps. Have you considered running your swimming pool pump directly from the sun, for free? Have clean, clear pool water all day, every day, with no running cost at all.

Talk to our team to help you match the right pump to your pool or spa, we can also help you with all the fixtures and fittings.

Most importantly, here at Aqua we service what we sell.