Aqua’s team provide a range of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mining filtration solutions.

We stock water filters, water purifiers, water filter cartridges and filtration systems. Whether your requirements be Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Mining our Technical team can provide the right filtration solution.

Residential & Commercial


Aqua offers many types of systems:

  • Mains Water Undersink
  • Rainwater Undersink
  • Mains Water Wholehouse
  • Rain Water Wholehouse
  • Portable Water Filters (Caravans), and
  • Food Service & Beverage Equipment

Different drinking water treatment systems have their own advantages and disadvantages and must be investigated individually to identify the unit or combination of units best suited to your application


Do you know your water?

We believe that one of the first and easiest steps anyone can take to improve their, or their staff’s, health is to improve the quality of their water.


Did you know that tap water may contain over 500 different chemicals and contaminants?

Without a water filter, drinking tap water is like pouring small quantities of chemicals into your body every single day!

Identify your water source:



Find the right water filter system, by selecting your water source, application and the contaminants to be removed:


Aqua build water filtration solutions to meet the requirements of each specific application by selecting the particular filter type, contaminant removal and micron rating.

We provide flexibility to customise a water filter to suit every region, town and application.

Water Filter Cartridges

Aqua also stock a wide selection of water filter cartridges for most brands.

Water filter

Industrial, Irrigation, Councils and Mining


As a complete system integrator Aqua specialise in custom built or off-the-shelf filtration, pumping or recycling systems for a wide range of solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Softening
  • Deionization
  • Industrial Filtration

These solutions are used throughout the Industrial, Irrigation, Council and Mining sectors.


For the protection of all types of irrigation systems including; drip, fixed sprinkler and broad acre irrigation systems, from all types of sources including treated effluent.

Cooling Towers and Process Water

Removal of algae, sludge, pipe scale, process impurities and atmospheric contamination, thereby maximising heat transfer efficiency, reducing maintenance, energy and chemical treatment costs of up to 30-50%. Significant reductions in sludge build-up in basins that sustains and shields legionella bacteria, ensuring a healthier & safer environment.

Surface and Ground Water

For protection of plant and equipment from contamination found in sea, rivers, dams, bores, and other water sources.


Our Water Treatment Systems for mining sites are robust & designed to comply to drinking water standards & guidelines, for reliable operation in the harsh Australian environment, with minimal maintenance requirements. Aqua offers custom built containerised purification and potable water pressure systems to suit any size mobile or permanent mining camp.

Our Reverse Osmosis solutions range from small compact units to large skid mounted or containerised