From Residential, Broad Acre, Horticulture and Viticulture applications right through to Golf Courses, Race Courses, Sporting Ovals and Parks getting the right irrigation advice is imperative

As distributors for all of the major brands in the irrigation industry, we work closely with our partners to provide you with the most up to date and comprehensive advice when you need it.

The Aqua Irrigation team draws on decades of design, installation, repair and engineering fabrication experience. We specialise in all irrigation systems for pasture, cropping, fruit and vegetable based operations and can assist in deciding which system best suits your specific requirements.

Our irrigation design team place a lot of emphasis on providing very efficient systems to help reduce water wastage, operating costs and ultimately provide you with maximum return on your investment.

Aqua also offers filtration solutions for the protection of all types of irrigation systems from all types of sources including treated effluent.

Aqua is a member of Irrigation Australia. It is Australia’s peak national organisation representing the Australian irrigation industry.

Irrigation Australia
Aqua’s team offers solutions for the key types of irrigation

Micro Irrigation

Micro-irrigation is the slow, frequent application of water directly to relatively small areas. Water is generally transferred through low-pressure, flexible plastic tubing.

There are several application methods:

Drip irrigation: Water is applied through small emitters to the soil surface, usually near the plant to be irrigated.

Drip Irrigation

Subsurface drip irrigation: Water is applied below the soil surface through drip line laterals that are installed at a depth of 30-45cm.

Micro-spray irrigation: Water is applied to the soil surface in a small spray or mist by an emitter 15-30cm about the soil surface.

Micro Spray Irrigation

The benefits of Micro Irrigation are:

  • Easy to maintain and lower capital investment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will save up to 80% of the water used for irrigation.
  • As water is delivered to the roots loss of water is minimised
  • Improve the uniformity & quality of crops providing yield increases

Used extensively in agriculture for row crops, orchards, and vineyards. It is also used in horticulture, wholesale nurseries, commercial, and private landscapes and gardens.

Rain Bird
Jain Irrigation Systems

Fixed Sprinklers

Fixed Sprinkler irrigation system includes the application of water, with water supply pipes installed below the surface, in the form of a spray, somewhat resembling rainfall. It is suitable for almost all turf and crops on moist soils and on lands of wide range of topographic conditions.

Rain Bird

Sprinkler systems are primarily used for irrigating:

  • Golf Courses
  • Council Landscaping & Public spaces
  • Crop irrigation
  • Controlling airborne dust or for cooling
  • Residential lawns & gardens

The advantages of Fixed Sprinkler irrigation system are:

  • Water measurement is easier than surface irrigation system
  • Reduced interference with cultivation and minimised land loss.
  • Higher application efficiency
  • High and frequent application can be effectively accomplished
  • Easy mechanization and automation

Broadacre Irrigation

Aqua is a leading supplier and installer of broad irrigation solutions with decades of industry experience, delivering water efficient and productivity driven irrigation solutions to our customers.

Broad Lateral Irrigation

Centre Pivot and Lateral Move systems are self-propelled irrigation systems which apply water to pasture or crop, with overhead sprinklers.

Centre Pivot systems are anchored at one end and rotate around a fixed central point whilst Lateral systems are not anchored and both ends of the machine move at a constant speed up and down a paddock.

Broad centre pivot irrigation system

Aqua Team Commissioning A Recent Centre Pivot System Installation


Overhead irrigation is one of the most effective ways to achieve greater water efficiencies.

The advantages of Fixed Sprinkler irrigation system are:

  • Precise application
  • Reduced variability
  • Lower labour requirements
  • Opportunities for fertigation
  • Minimised land-forming