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Water Bores

Bore Pump Solutions For All Applications

Diagram of a Water Bore

Aqua Pump & Irrigation can provide you with a complete water bore solution, be it for a domestic, rural, commercial or industrial property.

Whether you are looking to have a water bore drilled and a bore pump installed, or you need your existing bore pump replaced, Aqua Pump and Irrigation have the ideal solution for you – no matter where in WA you are located.

Every property is unique, and this means that there is not a single all-encompassing solution.

There is a wide variety of bore pumps designed and engineered to perform under different conditions, and to make sure that you get the correct bore pump for your bore pumping needs it is important that we work with you to achieve the correct solution for bore pumping application.

Call us today on 9274 2201, or send us an enquiry via our simple contact form to have one of our team members assess your bore pumping needs for you.

The Bore Pump Experts Here To Help You

Aqua Pump and Irrigation are the experts in Western Australia when it comes to submersible water bore pumps, and are here to help you achieve the maximum from your water bore.

We will work with you to identify what your exact needs are, and will put a proposal together for you that ensures that you get the right pump for your bore water needs. We do this because, through our extensive knowledge of bore pumps and water bore pumping, we know all too well that using an under-powered or over-powered pump will end up costing you more money in the long run.

As well as supplying and maintaining bore pumps, we are also able to have the bore drilled and the submersible water bore pump installed for you.

If you have any questions that you would like us to answer, please feel free to call us on (08) 9274 2201, or come and visit us at Unit C, 7 Orchard Avenue, Midvale, where we can discuss the different options available to you to meet your specific requirements.

Alternatively, also feel free to complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly representatives will contact you to discuss how we can help you.

Tailored Water Bore Solutions Across Western Australia

Living in Western Australia means long dry summers and water restrictions.

By installing a water bore, you have the freedom to water more often during the summer months.

Something else to consider also are the big savings on your water bill – did you know that approximately up to 40% of an average household’s water bill is apportioned to water irrigation?

Water bores have come a long way – now days, a modern and very reliable stainless steel “submersible” pump operates silently deep beneath the ground with only a small access lid that is typically concealed beneath the lawn.

Called a “submersible” because the pump is submersed under water inside a 100mm diameter PVC pipe. The pipe itself, referred to as casing, is used to permanently line a borehole “bored” or drilled by a drilling rig.

The lower section of the casing is slotted to allow water in. Around that is gravel-packed with graded sands to act as a filter. The depth of the borehole is determined by how far water is located beneath the ground.

We also stock various pumps and bore accessories to achieve your desired “water flow” to match your current reticulation system requirements.

We would be more than happy to provide you with a personalised design and quote – if you have some plans bring them in to us!

For further information help and advice on submersible bore pumps, and water bores, please feel free to call us on 9274 2201, send us an enquiry by using our simple contact form, or pop in to see at Unit C, 7 Orchard Avenue, Midvale