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For all your solar pump solutions, contact the team at Aqua Pump today. We have been providing solar pump solutions for many years and will advise you on the best solution for your pumping needs.

The Right Solar Pump For The Job

we pride ourselves on providing the right solar pump solution for the environment in which it is going to operate. We  are accredited by COS, and are fully licensed and qualified.

Please note that we are not “just another dealer” and work with you to find the right solutions for your needs.

We will also service and repair any pump that we supply right here in our workshop, which means that you will have your pump back and operating in a much shorter time frame than if you had to send it to the manufacturer.


Grundfos Solar Series

The Grundfos Solar Series combines environmentally friendly energy use with remarkable efficiency: based on the proven UPS pump series, the SOLAR pumps once again see Grundfos reducing energy consumption. And of course the acclaimed reliability of the UPS range is also a staple of the SOLAR pumps, ensuring that your heating systems works without any hitches.

This makes solar energy more than a lifestyle choice: the Grundfos SOLAR pumps ensure that renewable energy is a financially viable alternative for homeowners everywhere.

SQ Flex Series Solar Powerd Pumps


The SOflex series is designed for applications requiring less that 200 Watts of solar modules the SOflex 100 is an ideal choice. Where appplications exceed 200 watts the SOflex is supplied with a battery backup

The GF solar panels are designed especially for the SQFlex pump motor unit. A higher output voltage compared to standard 12V panels ensures optimum efficiency of the complete SQFlex pump system – with up to 20% flow increase per day in small systems. The solar panels incorporate eight bypass diodes, which minimise power loss in case the panels are covered by patches of shadow, dirt, leaves or bird lettings. Wiring of the GF solar panels is easily done using the MC cable connectors, and the panels are mounted to the support structures without the use of any special tools.

Solar Pump Brands We Stock


At Aquapump we can meet ANY Solar Requirement or Budget with our solar pump range. If you have any further questions please contact us by calling us on (08) 9274 2201 or by filling in the enquiry form which is conveniently located on the right.